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Students praying outside the Oyo State Secretariat on Monday

Oyo Students chide OYSG over low Education Funding, Decries 6 Yrs Unpaid Bursary, others (SEE VIDEO)

By Kehinde Oladeru (Oyo)


Oyo State Students has express disappointed on the state of Education Sector in the state as well as the refusal of the state to cater for their welfare through the release of Student Bursary.

They lamented that their Bursary was last paid by the State government in 2012.

The Students under the aegis of Federation of Oyo State Student Association (FOSSU) stormed the Oyo State Secretariat in protest while putting forth their demands to the State Government.


CAMPUS FOCUS correspondent was at the scene of the Protest reports that all road leading to the secretariat has been blocked as some of the Muslim Student where seen praying, Christians and some other carrying out spiritual enchantment against the governor in front of the secretariat.

Students praying outside the Oyo State Secretariat on Monday
Police Security

Effort by some government official to address the students proved abortive as they demanded to speak only to the state governor Sen. Abiola Ajumobi.

In an interview, the FOSSU National President Comr. Azeez Sharafudeen Akano disclosed lamented the high increase in tuition fee at the state-owned institution coupled with deficit infrastructural facilities in schools.


“Thousand of indigenous students across the country gather here to protest against bad educational policy in our State, unjust skyrocketing of tuition fee, incessant strike action in all state owned institutions, over-crowding of students in lecture rooms, imposing of illegal levies on students in the name of generating IGR for state-owned schools, semi-privatization of state owned institutions, lack of teaching materials & aids in schools, lack of infrastructures in schools, and failure to fulfill the signed MoU over the payment of students bursary and other issues on education in the state.”


“Even from the record, 2012 was the last time Students Bursary was included in the budget of the state, though was done with series of manipulations  and Irregularities, where bonfire and geniue students of the state who duly registered as a member of FOSSU were unable to appear in the beneficiary list.


While calling on the state government to implement the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the Association, Akano disclosed that the MoU contain modalities that will ensure Students welfares as well as funding of the state education sector are given a top priority.


“Today thousands of indigenous students in the state have resolved to come out in a well-applauded democratic measures to inform the general public, the plight be deviling the state education and students well being in the state.


“We are as well stating categorically that, no hanky-panky play on the part of the government shall be entertained and no excuses of financial shortfall shall be condoned. What can we say when other states in the region are doing well.


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