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Alleged Paternity Scandal: ADETA Youths Strongly Debunk Allegations against FCMB Boss

The Youth of ADETA Community in Ilorin, Kwara State has come out in full force to Debunk the Alleged Paternity Scandal against Mr Adam Nuru, who is an MD at FCMB, which has been in circulation since yesterday across the social media.

The Association debunk the rumor in a press statement made available to this medium, stating that Mr. Adam has been contacted on the issue.
Adding that the news in circulation is far from true and a plan work to tarnish the image of the FCMB MD.

The statement reads “We, ADETA YOUTH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, humbly write with facts and figures to debunk the recent imbroglio in circulation on the issue of marriage scandal as reported by different national Dailies. That Mallam Adam Nuru is a bona fide member of this association with a well known good character and impact in the community; he’s a man of integrity and has never been known or found with any act of misconduct.

“The community has spoken with the MD to confirm the authenticity of what has been in circulation on the media and we found that the allegation is baseless and termed as a mere attempt to tarnish his reputation and banking career for one reason or the other(s).

“That the community has also engaged in a thorough finding ever since the release of this and found out that everything in circulation whatsoever is a propaganda and a means of character defamation.

“Among the finding gathered so are stated as follow:

“That, Mallam Adam Nuru is a seasoned professional banking with know of quality of integrity and professional representative.

“That, as against the information pushed out by the anonymous writer, the lady in question resigned and travelled out of Nigeria 5 years ago.

“That, the deceased Husband already moved on by impregnating another lady and even planned wedding for this December before his death on Dec. 15 and eventual burial on Dec. 30th.

“That, a divorce suit was already pending in Court, with several allegations against both estranged lovers, curiously the Husband lays claim to the paternity of the children as against what the anonymous writer will have us believe.

“That, findings have shown the deceased wife who although separated, remains next of kin and therefore the prime beneficiary of the deceased properties.

“That, most commentators have relied on pictures of the deceased children and the embattled Bank boss largely harping on similarities of their skin colour, without taking a seconds to consider the skin colour of the embattled wife, which largely justifies the skin colour of the children. This makes mockery of the postulation about the paternity of the children which was never in doubt until the deceased’s death.

“As a matter of fact, the concerned association outrightly denounces the media representation as just misleading fallacy and mere rumour that lack elements of truth whatsoever. Whatsoever is the reason behind the allegation levelled against him and the forces behind be it political, social or any, we hereby urge the circulating media most especially SHAHARA REPORTER to quickly look into the issue without the mind of prejudice and mind their reportage as case is demanding for. The concerned association also plead to the management of FCMB to review and review this issue and ensure justice is brought to the book. We finally argue the readers and viewers of any national Daily to be patient and never take side of judgement from whatever they read from and please await the outcome of the experts from various walks of life as the findings are still unfolding.”

FCMB MD, Adam didn’t father Children by Staff

News going viral on social media that the Managing Director, First City Monument Bank (FCMB), Adam Nuru is the father of the two children of one of the bank’s female staff Moyo Thomas has been described as fake news

In a statement signed and made available to this medium by Adetunji Iromini, stated that the accusation is a mere rumor that does not have any iota of fact

Adetunji who emphasised that such claim should be challenged at the court rather than social media, said the individuals sponsoring online petition are aimed at defaming the reputation of the MD.

The statement read, “Other than circulating rumours, that petitioner offers no iota of fact on the matter. In as much as the writer and publisher of the article remains anonymous, I will enjoin us all to maintain the story as FAKE NEWS that it is (stop spreading rumours).

“If anyone is truly concerned or have information, such should take the legal and proper approach. Tunde is a highly private person who views challenges in life as opportunity to shine. But for death, Tunde would not have taken kindly to this publication. He never complained nor claimed to nurse a grudge against anyone on his past marital affairs. This much I know because we talk, wine and dine together often within the last 20 years. Neither Tunde nor any member of his family raised any dust about this matter.

“It is very wrong and totally unacceptable for an alien entity to seek cheap publicity at the expense of a gentleman that has gone to be with the Lord. Grieving friends and family members (surviving mother, siblings and wife) should not be caused further hardship.

According to the news making rounds, the knowledge of the alleged paternity of the children led to the death of Moyo’s husband Tunde.

Meanwhile a family source who pleaded anonymity disclosed that in December, 2017, Moyo and Tunde had differences leading to their separation and eventual relocation of Moyo to the USA.

“It is important to note that the divorce process was never thought of or initiated by Moyo. And to the best of our knowledge, no divorce papers were ever served on Moyo. This means that they were still legally married. In the opinion of Moyo and her family, the channel for reconciliation was still open up until Tunde’s unfortunate demise.

“Tunde is the father of the 2 children and Moyo never told him he was not their father. Moyo and Tunde clearly worked to ensure the differences they had did not affect the relationship they respectively have with the two children.

“Tunde paid a visit to the USA to visit the children in June 2018. He met them and interacted with them unhindered. This was after his recovery from the stroke he had earlier that year. He was in touch constantly with the children, calling and having fatherly conversations with them, even at odd hours, at least twice every month from December, 2017.

“The last of such calls took place on Thanksgiving Day on 26th November, 2020. You will agree that this does not paint the picture of a man who had been told he was not the father of his children as was maliciously stated in the petition and is being circulated on social media.
It is very sad that a group of people have decided to take the differences between a married couple and misrepresent it into a sensational story. It is unfair to have the pictures of his young children splashed all over the internet.

“Tunde had a mild stroke in 2018. By the grace of God, he was able to fully recover from this and carried on with his life. He was obviously doing well at his job and was in another relationship with a lady who was pregnant before his death.

“Why he had a cardiac arrest that led to his eventual death almost 2 years after remains a mystery that only God can provide answers to. We can begin to postulate on possible reasons, but we would rather not, to preserve the fond memories of Tunde.”

“Tunde has now gone to be with his maker. We do wish his family and friends, including his pregnant girlfriend, the fortitude to bear the unfortunate loss. He has now been laid to rest and we implore all to allow those grieving his loss, including Moyo and his children, to do so in peace. May Tunde’s soul rest in perfect peace.”

No Politicalizing of Covid-19 Vaccines – Sen. Oloriegbe

By Daniel Ayantoye

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Health, Sen. Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe, has assured Nigerians that the distribution of Vaccines will not be politicized.

The Senator gave the assurance in an interview Monitored by CAMPUS FOCUS on NTA weekends deal on Saturday, Oct. 21.   

He stated that the vaccine which will be about 44 million doses will be available to Nigeria on equity bases.

“Am a Medical Doctor and I have been in the profession for the last 36 years. As far as I know, there is no politicization of vaccines and I mean of health care generally. There are always criteria. There is prioritization base on our discussion with PTF and that’s the way it is anywhere in the world which is to look at the highest risk.  

He said, “Politicians are not among the highest risk except if they fall into category of health workers – who they call frontliners.”

According to him “The commitment that Nigeria has now from the foreign partners as far as vaccines is concern is for about 20% of our population which will be about 44 million doses.  I don’t see why it will be given to just for politicians. And it hasn’t been like that. We have other vaccines that are been given and they are not been selectively giving to people.

“I want to assure all that as a medical doctor who has taking hypocratic oat, this is to save human lives in respective of greed, religion ethnicity, class and so on. The services will be available to all Nigerians on Equity basis.” He said.

Speaking on contribution to his constituency since the outbreak of the pandemic, Senator Oloriegbe who is representing Kwara Central at the National Assembly, disclosed face mask and other covid-19 preventive materials have been distributed at the early period of the outbreak.

He also said, “when I go home as legislator when I go home to my constituency which I do frequently, they say you live by example, people that visit my constituency office as well as my home, you have placed there washing facilities, use see sanitizers and then anybody that has to call in for any meeting with me will have to wear mask. That the first thing to show people that this thing is in reality.

While commending the Kwara State Governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq on his effort in combating the pandemic in the state, the Senator said “Beyond that in the state where I come from, the Governor live by example, the government has provided at various points hand washing particularly in markets, schools and other public places and every event that hold in that State, is strictly in line with covid-19 protocol.

“There is continuous radio, jingle that urge people to keep the protocol because the best preventive method is still social distancing, hand sanitizing and wearing of mask and of course avoiding crowded environment.” He added.

Kwara Gov to Sack Aviation College Rector, Bursar, Other over Corruption Allegation

By Daniel Ayantoye

There are strong indications that the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Mal. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq may in the next couple of weeks sack the Rector of the State owned International Aviation College, Ilorin, Engr. Benedict Adeyileka over Corruption Allegations.

A government source in the State made the disclosure to an Ilorin-based news medium, Fresh Insight.

The Governor had earlier on August 5, 2020 appointed a seven-member visitation panel, to look into the activities of the International Aviation College, Ilorin, from inception to date (2008 – 2020).

The Visitation Panel, chaired by Prof. A.G.F. Alabi, was, among others, charged with the responsibility of unraveling the clogs militating against the school’s attainment of financial sustainability, lack of harmonious relationship among the staff and management and recommend way forward.

The Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science and Technology

(MOTEST), Hajia Sa’adatu Moddibo Kawu on Wednesday 5th August, 2020, while inaugurating the Panel, gave the following Terms of Reference (TOR):

1. Identify the strength and problems of the International Aviation College, Ilorin and make appropriate recommendations to the Visitor.

2. Ascertain the operations of various departments of the institution and investigate students’ complaints.

3. Conduct internal audits and ascertain the financial status of the institution since establishment to include the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), external grants and donations, and Kwara State governments’ intervention to the institution.

4. Investigate the award of contracts in the institution and ascertain if due process was adhered to in line with the

Procurement Act 2017.

5. Take inventory of the College facilities and equipment, and determine whether Management auctioning of the College facilities, Aircrafts and equipment are in line with due process of the law, with special respect to approvals from the Visitor.

6. Investigate the state of infrastructure, including all assets and liabilities of the institution.

7. Investigate the relationship between the College and the various regulatory bodies it interacts with according to its laws for purpose of supervision, planning, finance, discipline, and guidance. Such bodies include the Governing Council and other

regulatory bodies like MOTEST, NCAA and Federal Ministry of Aviation

The panel however submitted its recommendations to the Governor recently.

According to the 95 pages report of the committee submitted to the government in September, 2020, a copy of which was exclusively obtained by Fresh Insight, the committee among other things recommended the termination of the appointment of the Rector, Bursar and Auditor among others.

The committee’s findings according to the document reads;

1) Total mismanagement on the part of the Rector which created mistrust within the institution even though he was able to restore the ATO certification and increased student enrollment.

ii. All transactions were not in line with the Procurement Act of 2017 because procurement unit was made ineffective

iii. The Registrar and Head of Training (HOT) advices which were based on the customs and norms of the College were blatantly disregarded by the Rector.

iv. The Bursar was grossly incompetent and operates mostly on verbal instructions.

v. The Internal Auditor was just a rubber stamp and did not have a good grasp of the Colleges Internal Control system.

vi. The College has six (6) Diamond Aircrafts, two (2) of which are serviceable.

vii. The College has two (2) obsolete Bell Helicopters contributed by the Nigerian Navy as part of its Joint Ventures.

viii. The College has two (2) Diamond Aircraft Simulators and one (1) Helicopter Simulator. One of the Diamond Simulators is unserviceable, and the serviceable one is obsolete.

ix. Inventory management is very poor with no proper records.

x. The Panel observes that the Council is not fully constituted

xi. The College has no standard salary structure.

xii. The Panel observes that the College currently runs two (2) programmes; The flight Training and Flight Operation Officers



1. The Panel observed that the Rector has been able to revive the ATO certificate and increase student’s enrolment.

2. The current Rector (Engr. Benedict Adeyileka) is a COREN registered Engineer with requisite experience.

3. The Panel observed that the Rector was on Salary advance for the first six (6) months of his resumption, after which his salary was fixed. However, he was paid for those 6 months after adjusting for all his Salary advances.

4. The current Rector is a contract Staff like his predecessors, however his monthly salary of Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N2,500,000.00) is way above that of his predecessors.

5. The Panel also observed that the Rector is autocratic, divisive, unaccommodating, and reckless with the College finances.

6. The Panel observes that the Rector does not obey some directives from the supervisory Ministry (MOTEST)

7. The panel has also observed that there is a permanent Secretariat Staff and Personal Assistant for the Council Chairman.

8. The Panel observed that the Council Chairman draws a weekly sitting allowance of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N 250,000) Naira which amounts to One Million Naira (N 1,000,000) monthly, on a regular basis.

The committee however recommended as follows, “In view of proven allegations on maladministration and incompetence of the Rector, Bursar and Chief Internal Auditor, it is recommended that the trio be immediately relieved of their appointment and competent members of

Staff in the hierarchy of the College be made to act until substantive personnel are appointed.”

The Rector, Engr. Benedict Adeyileka should be relieved of his post immediately in view of the financial recklessness, bad administration, perpetrating disharmony among staff and autocratic style of leadership. A competent staff in the Hierarchy of the College, Head of Training (HOT) be made to act until substantive Rector is appointed

“A full Council should be immediately constituted for proper management of the College. In view of the bad management and recklessness of the Rector  on College’s finances, the panel recommends that the Rector be relieved of his post immediately and the Head of Training (HOT) be made to act until a substantive Rector is appointed.

“The Panel after examining the College Accounting and Financial record recommends that a Statutory Audit of the College finances carried out immediately. After the Statutory Audit is carried out, any Officer found wanting should be made to refund appropriately to the College.

“For sustainability and growth, the College should increase its training activities by affiliating with Kwara State University.

“The full Governing Council of the College should be promptly constituted for effective running of the College. The Council should adhere strictly to the Council sitting or a Function that involves the Council Chairman. In view of this, the Council Chairman should be entitled to allowance only when there is a Council function. There should not be a permanent Secretariat Staff in the Chairman’s Office” it reads.

Meanwhile,  Governor AbdulRazaq has appointed a Committee to consider the report of the Visitation Panel.

The eight-member Committee, headed by Prof. Nasir AbdusSalam, will study the report, point up focal issues,  and draw up actionable plans on each of the recommendations of the Visitation Panel in a way that would help the government to tackle the issues in the institution.